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Proprietary Artificial Intelligence Fully interoperable QUANTUM Blockchain



The TRIPLE-HELIX platform is now part of the GEMINI project. A collaborative effort that is  transforming itself with our next-generation blockchain Quasar aka: Q. Our proprietary architecture is nothing less than elegant. The NEW QUASAR HYPER-NETWORK PLATFORM is an innovative technological convergence seamed together with the best in class technologies that will change how blockchains work cross-borders and cross-chains. The financial sectors have never before seen anything like this.

Why Us? Because our focus is on your needs.

We are a team of visionary experts who are passionate about creating immersive, interactive, and enhancing experiences, coupled with the ability to move currencies and transform them effortlessly across the landscapes of blockchains and financial sectors like never before. Our mission is to push the boundaries of technology and provide you with cutting-edge solutions. We believe that your reality has the power to revolutionize industries and improve lives. We are blockchain agnostic and mavericks in quantum technologies and artificial intelligence. Branded by data scientists, expert developers, brilliant engineers, as unorthodox, non-conformists, and dangerously disruptive. We forge ahead and architect what you need and we want, not what is forced upon us. Join us on this exciting journey and discover the endless possibilities of the QUASAR HYPER-NET.

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The Game Changers…



Triple-Helix is a groundbreaking next-generation AI neural network, poised to revolutionize a wide array of sectors including industrial, manufacturing, logistics, financial, gaming, blockchain, healthcare, insurance, government, defense, and global enterprises. It stands as a “core-engine,” a pivotal force in redefining automation, predictive analytics, operations, and an array of endless applications. By leveraging advanced AI algorithms, Triple-Helix aims to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and innovation across these domains, making it a cornerstone technology that could reshape how industries operate and deliver their services.


Quasar Hyper-Net represents a quantum leap in the realm of blockchain technology, setting a new standard for interoperability, scalability, and security. It is a private super secure quantum protected blockchain with access to a quantum secured ledger for the Financial Sector agnostic superhighway designed to facilitate seamless interactions across various blockchain platforms.

From executing straightforward currency transactions to managing complex, cross-border financial system transfers. This network architecture embodies elegance and innovation, blending the world’s premier security focused blockchains and decentralized solutions into a unified, highly efficient system.

Babylon Max emerged from the rigorous challenges of navigating political hurdles, ego clashes, and shortsightedness prevalent across blockchain communities and decentralized applications. Its creation was intended to be nimble, scalable and modular. Quasar Hyper-Net marks the culmination of a meticulous selection processes, prioritizing only the most secure, rapid, and reliable networks and best of breed applications.

These are ingeniously integrated with the core Triple-Helix neural network, setting the stage for future enhancements with emerging Quantum Cryptography and Quantum-assisted Computing. Babylon Max was more than just a technological breakthrough; and before a full launch, Quasar was born.  It is a testament to visionary collaboration and determination, aimed at revolutionizing how we interact with blockchain technology moving forward.




“Come back with your shield – or on it.”

“Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.” George S. Patton.

We have forged like-minded strategic partnerships within the sectors of blockchain and artificial intelligence. It has been and will not be, and easy task. Not willing to accept what seemed as failure, we have forged ahead and done what we knew was the right thing to do. 

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill

“Courage isn’t having the strength to go on – it is going on when you don’t have strength.” – Napoleon

“There is nothing impossible to him who will try.” – Alexander the Great

Inspiration comes from the strangest of places. Goodfellas Holdings LLC will not go down without a fight. Breaking through the veils of “this is not how its done”, “you can’t do that”, “why are you doing it that way”…we have been fueled and inspired to continue our journey.

Transforming Reality one qubit at a time…

What We Are Doing

How we are pulling it off – google cloud platform

Enhanced User Experience, Education, & Data Visualization

The Google Cloud Platform has emerged as the cornerstone of our success, an instrumental vehicle that has enabled us to defy the odds and achieve the seemingly impossible. At every turn, when skepticism was the chorus and the refrain was that our ambitions were nothing short of lunacy, that it simply could not be done, Google Cloud and its team of visionaries stood as our beacon of possibility. With its unparalleled infrastructure, cutting-edge technologies, and the unwavering support of the good people at Google, we were able to turn our dreams into reality. Without the Google Cloud Platform, our journey might have ended before it even began, succumbing to the chorus of doubts. Instead, we stand tall, having pulled off what was once deemed crazy, a testament to the power of innovation and partnership with Google Cloud.

Why Google? Google is our most valuable ally, empowering us to transcend limitations and achieve our most ambitious goals.

Immersive. Interactive. Enhancing.

"It is important to follow your dreams and heart. Do something that excites you."

Sundar Pichai's journey to becoming the CEO of one of the most influential tech companies in the world is a testament to the power of ambition, perseverance, and following one's passion. His story inspires countless individuals to pursue their own paths with courage and conviction.

Sundar Pichai

""Here's to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes... The ones who see things differently — they're not fond of rules... You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can't do is ignore them because they change things... They push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do."

– Steve Jobs –

"If crypto succeeds, it's not because it empowers better people. It's because it empowers better institutions"

– Vitalik Buterin –

"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

– John F. Kennedy –

Never give up!

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

– Nelson Mandela

Never give up!

“Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought.” 

-Albert Einstein-

Featured Projects


Cromwell’s Shield

Oliver Cromwell, a figure synonymous with determination and radical change, once implied the importance of not just standing for something, but being prepared to act decisively upon it. In the context of security, this ethos suggests that vigilance and proactive measures are paramount. The essence of securing anything, be it a nation or personal data, lies not merely in the intention but in the vigorous actions undertaken to defend and preserve it. Cromwell’s perspective underscores that security, much like liberty, requires constant diligence and readiness to respond to emerging threats.

Quantum Cryptography Evolution 2024-2026 

B2B B2C & Node2Node “Q” Ledger & “Q” Chain

  • Quantum Key Distribution
  • Post Quantum Cyphers
  • Quantum Cryptography Software / Hardware
  • Quantum Utility Tokens 

XDC XinFin Network

The XDC Network is designed as an enterprise-ready blockchain that aims to address issues like high transaction costs and scalability that plague traditional blockchain systems. It emphasizes secure and rapid transactions, offering a viable solution for industries looking to leverage blockchain technology for real-world applications. By facilitating efficient cross-border transactions, the XDC Network positions itself as a critical player in the blockchain space, particularly for finance and international trade​.


Chainlink is a decentralized network that aims to bridge the gap between blockchain smart contracts and real-world data. It serves as a middleware, enabling smart contracts on various blockchains to securely interact with external data feeds, APIs, and traditional bank payment systems. This connection allows for the creation of more useful and complex smart contracts that can operate based on real-world inputs and outputs, expanding the potential applications for blockchain technology.


The Avalanche network is a high-performance, scalable blockchain platform designed for decentralized applications and custom blockchain networks. It distinguishes itself with its unique consensus mechanism, allowing for rapid transaction processing with low fees. The network supports various DeFi applications and aims to solve common blockchain issues such as scalability and interoperability.


The Accumulate Network is an innovative blockchain protocol organized around identities, supporting multi-chain architecture, human-readable addresses, and key hierarchies. Its design allows for high transaction throughput, aiming for 70,000 transactions per second, making it one of the fastest protocols available. Accumulate focuses on enhancing security and efficiency in blockchain transactions by prioritizing the identity of users and assets​

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